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Concrete Resurfacing

Temecula, California

With a strong team, talented technicians, and a dedicated company, there isn’t a thing you need to worry about. Concrete resurfacing is the best option if you want to redesign your concrete floors, update the space, repair the concrete, or whatever else you have in mind. Concrete resurfacing done by our professionals is the best option for a successful project in the Temecula, California area.



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    Concrete Resurfacing Process

    Our technicians here in Temecula want you to know that your floors are unique and will have individualized attention when it comes to resurfacing concrete in your area; however, there is a general process our team goes by and we want you to know everything step-by-step. Concrete resurfacing starts and finishes with:
    • Repair – our professionals will inspect the area that is going to be resurfaced to note any spots that require attention. Details like cracks, spalled areas, and other damages must be repaired before the resurfacing process beginning because if they are left to worsen resurfacing will not last as long as it should.
    • Seal – after our technicians have repaired the area their next steps will be to clean and seal the area. Cleaning off the debris from a surface before sealing it is just as important as repairing any damages before the resurfacing process beginning.
    • Pour – the resurfacing material is poured onto the existing concrete surface and spread evenly throughout.
    • Options – safety options like slip-resistance and decorative floor coatings are both options for the finalized area.

    Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

    When you choose to resurface a concrete surface you are choosing the most practical and affordable option when it comes to design and repair. When you already have a perfectly good slab of concrete don’t spend time and money ripping it out when it can just be resurfaced and here’s why:

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    Do not be fooled by other concrete resurfacing companies, you do not have to rip out your concrete floor for an update or a repair. Concrete resurfacing is:

    • 8 times more affordable than completely ripping out your surface and replacing it
    • The best way to increase property value and have a much higher return on your property then what you spent on it
    • Labor and material costs are simply much lower because there is less of both


    Your concrete doesn’t have to stay looking like concrete, not when you have the option of concrete resurfacing! Resurfacing concrete in your home or business provides options like:

    • Completely changing the color and design of your floors
    • Providing decorative flooring options like mimicking other flooring materials such as stone, tile, or wood
    • You can stamp and stain resurfaced concrete


    Concrete alone is not extremely durable, but it is long-lasting; however, even the longest-lasting materials need care and repairs, including your concrete surfaces. Don’t rip out the surface simply because it looks like it needs it, resurface the floors and get more time with your concrete.

    • Resurfacing restores and rejuvenates the surface
    • The materials used to resurface concrete create a much strong and more resilient slab
    • Due to its high resistance to damage, the resurfaced concrete will last twice as long as your original slab if not longer


    If you’re choosing to resurface a concrete slab that is outdoors the slab will be much easier and more enjoyable for everyone, like a resurfaced pool deck because:

    • Resurfaced concrete can be UV-ray resistant and not absorb heat
    • Resurfaced concrete indoors can keep the area cool in the summers without having to crank up the air conditioning
    • Resurfaced concrete can be slip, scratch, and impact-resistant
    Save Time

    Save Time

    Resurfacing concrete means our technicians are utilizing the materials that are already present, so labor and material costs are extremely low. Saving time also means:

    • Resurfacing concrete is eco-friendly because you are producing less waste
    • Our technicians will only be in your daily routine for a short period
    • You can have quality work in a short amount of time compared to other flooring materials or processes

    Concrete Resurfacing

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