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We service industries that all need and have strong desires for different qualities and benefits. Our industrial-grade epoxy flooring systems have satisfied a wide variety of client for a handful of years. Our professional team is here to offer you:
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    Industrial Epoxy Flooring

    Benefits of Industrial Epoxy Flooring

    It is no secret that epoxy industrial floors are strong and resistant floors that offer a variety of different industrial settings benefits that other flooring materials could never do. Industrial epoxy floors need to be able to withstand any type of environment and exposure on any given day, some of the benefits offered by epoxy floors include:
    • Durability and resistance: seamlessly bonds with a concrete surface, epoxy industrial floors are extremely high-performing. These floors are resistant to wear and tear from machinery, workers, and customers. Industrial epoxy floors are resistant to water, chemicals, slippage, heat, stains, heat, pressure, and impact.
    • Healthy for machinery: whether it is a vehicle or a forklift, epoxy industrial floors finish seamlessly creating a smooth and non-taxing surface for machinery to move across.
    • Get creative: many industrial areas and warehouses need to specify what certain zones are and what they mean, so the easiest and most affordable way to do that is with epoxy flooring. Change colors and designs to mark different areas.
    • Safety first: with works, customers, and vehicles moving throughout the area it is important to keep everyone and everything safe. Industrial epoxy floors reflect light increasing visibility by 300%, resist fires, can be made slip-resistant, and do not shatter upon heavy impact.

    Industries with Industrial Epoxy Floors

    We have serviced different industries that have all utilized industrial-grade epoxy flooring for one or more reasons. These floors offer large benefits like fire-resistance and small benefits like colors and design options. Whatever you need, an epoxy industrial floor can do it.



    These types of industrial areas require floors that can be not only flexible but durable:

    • Industrial epoxy floors resist damage from people, machinery, and their environment.
    • These floors are much easier to clean because they do not absorb dirt, spills, or other liquids.
    • With its safety qualities, industrial epoxy floors create healthy environments for everyone in the area.
    Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating


    Concrete alone is not a safe surface because it is not only porous but can become unstable in areas that handle and store very heavy machinery and vehicles. These areas are:

    • Safe because they do not absorb spilled chemicals
    • Great because they do not crack under pressure
    • Used to remove any possible hazards in the area
    Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Contractors


    For areas that are under constant exposure to different debris and chemicals, there is nothing more resistant and long-lasting than an industrial epoxy floor. Floors in this environment need a seamless surface for the well-being of the vehicles and are exposed too:

    • Grease
    • Oil
    • Chemicals
    • Grime
    • Debris


    Industrial epoxy floor technicians are well aware of the cleanliness required by these industries. Epoxy industrial floors are USDA and FDA approved, they are fantastic flooring solutions that will pass unexpected inspections and health codes.

    • Resistant to mold and mildew
    • Easy to clean
    • Resistant to any type of absorption
    Floor Epoxy Industrial

    Food and Beverage

    Industrial grade epoxy flooring systems are great for areas that need preventative measures. Food and beverage areas are feeding masses of people and should always be kept up to sanitary health code standards. With health department inspections, these areas need epoxy floors because they are:

    • Not going to absorb grease, dirt, food spills, or chemicals
    • Resistant to wear and tear
    • Create safe working environments for everyone

    Industrial Grade Epoxy Flooring Services

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