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Are you tired of looking through the same boring traditional flooring systems trying to find something that stands out from the rest? Unfortunately, traditional flooring systems don’t offer a dazzling finish that will make your guests or customers amazed. Well, if you are in the area of Temecula, we have something special for you!
We are one of the few epoxy contractors in Temecula that are trained and have experience in the dazzling metallic epoxy flooring system! With a metallic epoxy, you will have one of the industry’s most exotic and durable flooring systems. Want to know more about metallic epoxy? We have all you need to know down below!



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    Metallic Epoxy Floor

    Customizing Your Metallic Epoxy

    One of the biggest benefits of using a metallic epoxy floor coating is the wide range of customization that can be done to the flooring system. Although we know that metallic epoxies use metallic pigments for their stunning finishes, we offer many more additives that can make your flooring truly one of a kind. So, down below we have taken the liberty in outlining all you need to know about the customization of your metallic epoxy:
    • With the use of metallic pigments, brushes, and solvents we can create visually jaw-dropping finishes with your epoxy that almost perfectly mimic the appearance of natures most beautiful spectacles such as clouds, lava flow and even foamy waves crashing into a beach
    • We offer a wide range of color combinations as well so the only barrier you face when customizing the epoxy is the limitation of your imagination
    • We also offer additives that can be placed into your epoxy flooring to make it safer as well. One of these additives is the silica sand additive that will give your flooring texture. The textured finish will make the flooring system easier to walk on when wet or soiled
    • When using this decorative epoxy, we also offer the option to have your companies or your favorite logo installed directly into the flooring and it will be protected by the tough topcoat.
    • No matter what, your flooring will never be perfectly replicated even by the same contractor that installed your flooring

    Benefits Of Using A Metallic Epoxy Flooring

    While the dazzling finish of metallic epoxies are one of the biggest benefits of the flooring system, there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to what this flooring system can provide. This flooring system uses the 100 percent solid epoxy base which is the same base as industrial and commercial epoxies. Ready to find everything else this revolutionary flooring system can bring to your home and or business? We have outlined the top benefits of this flooring system down below:

    Metallic Epoxy

    Super Hygenic

    What makes metallic epoxies an attractive option for many commercial and industrial settings is their hygienic properties such as:

    • Epoxy flooring is an approved flooring system by the USDA for usage in facilities that handle perishables and even in medical facilities in operating theaters
    • The seamless and nonporous surface of epoxy flooring is to thank for this as the epoxy offers nowhere for germs or dropped food particles to become unseen and cause health hazards in the future
    • Thanks to the scratch and abrasion resistance of epoxy, even wear and tear won’t degrade the hygienic properties of the metallic epoxy
    Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating


    One of the biggest benefits of using a metallic epoxy is the wide range of versatility that the flooring system can bring to the market. Thanks to the durability of chemical resistance of the flooring system, you can use it in garages and even commercial facilities that deal with retail. Another area that metallic epoxies are commonly used in is major living areas of homes thanks to the modern and exotic finishes that they are able to provide as we have seen up above. If you are looking for an interior flooring system, there is a good chance that metallic epoxy is your best bet!

    Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor

    Ultra Durable

    Contrary to popular belief, metallic epoxies are just as durable as they are beautiful and offer the following resistances to both physical damage and chemical damage:

    • Metallic epoxies are resistant to damage from heavy foot traffic, an array of dropped objects and even scratches and abrasions to keep your flooring looking new for years to come
    • Along with resistance to physical damage, metallic epoxy offers chemical resistance against gasoline, oils and even harsh cleaners that you can find commonly in garages
    • Metallic epoxies offer an increase in weight tolerance as well with an allowance of up to 15,000 PSI when professionally installed
    Metallic Epoxy Floor System

    Basement Waterproofing

    An interesting area that metallic epoxy flooring can be used in is basements due to its ability to provide the service of basement waterproofing:

    • With basement waterproofing, you will enjoy a much more comfortable and livable basement with much less humidity and moisture
    • Not only can the flooring keep water out, but the flooring system is also heavily resistant to the waterborne bacteria of mold and mildew, keeping your basement safe for elderly and children alike
    • We also offer anti-slip additives to give the metallic epoxy a textured finish that will make the basement easier to walk in if any moisture does find its way in
    Pure Metallic Epoxy Floor


    Another common misconception of metallic epoxy is that it doesn’t last as long as other epoxy flooring systems, here’s why that is completely false:

    • A professionally installed epoxy flooring system can last your home or business around 20-30 years depending on the condition of your existing concrete
    • With the long lifespan of your epoxy floor coating, the lifecycle costs of your epoxy system will be around the same as traditional concrete flooring systems
    • Epoxy floor coatings have also been tested and proven to make the underlying concrete slab last upwards of 2-3 times longer than other traditional coatings

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