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Tired of having to live with the bland stylings of your traditional concrete flooring system? Wish that concrete flooring was able to provide more protection or wasn’t so prone to stains? Where other contractors in Temecula will charge you an arm and a leg just to give you a subpar coating, Epoxy Temecula is here to save the day.
We provide Temeculas top decorative concrete flooring solutions to completely transform and existing concrete surface you have. We offer a wide selection of concrete systems for this service. Want to know what we have to offer? We have all the information you need about our coatings down below.



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    Why Use Decorative Concrete?

    When it comes to why you should use decorative concrete, there is more than meets the eye! All of our concrete coating systems offer amazing benefits and outperform even the most expensive traditional flooring systems. We have outlined all of the best benefits of our concrete flooring down below:
    • While maintaining an attractive appearance, our decorative flooring offers a level of durability that is hard to beat. Our concrete floors can withstand both physical and chemical damage
    • Decorative concrete is also very simple to maintain, almost carefree! There are no messy and expensive waxes or polishes so all you need is simple broom and mop
    • Our flooring systems are also stain resistant meaning that you can expect your concrete floor to look brand new and professional for decades to come
    • Unlike other flooring systems, our professionally installed concrete flooring has the ability to last your home or light-duty commercial facility 20-30 years when properly maintained
    • Through the natural texture and unique light reflection of our sealers, decorative concrete can also make your concrete safer. With added traction from our overlays, you will experience a much-improved slip and skid resistance. Though our sealers, you can expect an indoor area to become up to 150 percent brighter!
    • We have the ability to install concrete flooring faster than most other contractors in Temecula with our decades of combined experience. We can have your flooring ready to go in as little as 4-5 days depending on the size of the area and condition of your concrete slab.

    Decorative Concrete Systems We Provide

    As one of the top concrete flooring providers in Temecula, we have a duty to provide more coatings than anyone else! Not only do we provide more coatings than the competition, but our coatings are also of much higher quality due to our access to the highest grade materials on the market. Ready to find out what decorative concrete you want to begin for your next project? Down below we have taken the liberty in outlining all of the top decoratives concretes that we provide in Temecula.

    Stamped Concrete Overlay

    Stamped Concrete

    Stamped concrete floor coatings are one of the industries most exotic and durable flooring systems and here’s what they bring to the table:

    • Stamped concrete offers finishes ranging from natural stone such as slate, flagstone and even brick or intricate paver patterns and even cobblestone paths
    • We can implement the use of stains in stamped concrete to create highs and lows that will make the flooring system look hyper-realistic to the point where it looks better than the natural material!
    • With our decades of combined experience, your stamped concrete overlay can be ready for use in as little as 4-5 days!
    Rustic Wood Flooring

    Rustic Wood Flooring

    Our rustic wood flooring is a variant of the stamped concrete overlay flooring system but here is how it differs from stamped concrete:

    • Wood stamped concrete is a direct competitor to traditional hardwood flooring with the look of traditional hardwood flooring as we create our stamps with real hardwood flooring
    • Rustic wood flooring also doesn’t require hours of tedious labor every few years like hardwood. All you have to worry about with this system is resealing every 5-7 years!
    • Unlike traditional hardwood floors, rustic wood flooring can withstand heavy foot traffic, dropped objects and even moisture with no problems at all
    Concrete Overlay

    Artistic Overlays

    The artistic concrete overlay is the most affordable decorative concrete that we offer but don’t let the price tag confuse you, this coating can roll with the best:

    • Artistic overlays provide stunning finishes of their own with the help of advanced trowling, colored pigments and a wide selection of base colors that can mimic marble to a burnished leather
    • Though one of the thinnest concretes we offer, artistic overlays do an amazing job at hiding all underlying imperfections and even leveling your flooring
    • With an affordable price tag of 3-7 dollars a square foot, artistic overlays are within any homeowners budget
    Concrete Overlay Around Pool

    Driveway Overlays

    Driveways are one of the most overlooked concrete slabs in the residential market but here’s how a decorative concrete coating can change that:

    • When a driveway becomes heavily cracked or stained, a decorative overlay can save you thousands of dollars when opposed to replacing your driveway with new concrete
    • Driveway overlays can be created with stamped concrete, artistic overlays or we can even brush and trowel your driveway to give off a more elegant look that could only be achieved with new concrete in the past
    • When using a decorative coating on the driveway, you can expect an increase of 2-3 percent in the value of your home!
    Concrete Overlay Around Pool

    Pool Deck Coatings

    With summer approaching faster than ever, it is time to get your pool deck into shape for entertaining your family and guests that come to visit and decorative concrete is the perfect way to do that:

    • The sealers we use in our concrete flooring provides natural heat deflection which will make your pool easier and safer to walk on even in direct sunlight
    • Our stamped concretes and artistic overlays can complement any theme you have in your backyard with a wide range of options and styles
    • Our concrete coating systems offer natural slip and skid resistance, greatly reducing the likelihood of accidents

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    Ready to start your decorative concrete project ASAP? So are we! Our team of contractors are standing by to transform your concrete into something you can be proud of! Down below, you will find all of our service areas that we can bring our revolutionary concrete coatings to you.
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