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Your backyard should be a place where you and your family gather to share and make memories. Do not let your pool deck concrete be what keeps you from enjoying your space, family, and friends. Your backyard landscape is going to be enhanced or hindered by the condition of your pool deck, so make it a good one, call the professionals.
Our technicians can turn a heat-absorbing, crack ridden, discoloring surface into a beautifully smooth and weather-resistant concrete pool deck.



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    Pool Deck Resurfacing

    Pool Deck Resurfacing Options and More

    Pool deck concrete resurfacing is the most affordable option when it comes to repairing a pool deck, redesigning a pool deck, and/or updating your pool deck. With a price that typically ranges between $3-$12, depending on what you decide the final design be, resurfacing your pool deck ensures a quick finish.
    Resurfacing pool deck concrete design options include:
    • Stamped concrete: this process is used frequently when pool deck owners are searching for stone-like patterns. This can range between $8-$12 and create a very visually appealing surface for a much more affordable price than a real stone surface.
    • Stained concrete: with a price tag that ranges between $2-$4, this process can create a finish with lighter more natural colors. Some stained concrete finishes can also emulate slate and so much more.
    • Overlays: these are great for a pool deck surface that is constantly being exposed to pool water and natural elements. Overlays are great at being damage-resistant especially in high foot-traffic areas.
    • Sealing: This final touch is different from staining or stamping concrete because this is what ensures your pool decks durability. Pool deck sealants ensure that pool water chemicals, sun exposure, and natural elements do not damage the existing concrete.

    Benefits of Pool Deck Resurfacing

    In your residential pool, it is important to have a pool deck that is safe for children, elders, friends, and guests. A poorly repaired or cared for the surface can be harmful to your household and reduce the property value of your home. Some of the benefits of pool deck resurfacing include:



    Resurfaced pool decks do not require constant and careful maintenance because the additional layer is much stronger and more resistant to damage.

    • A resurfaced deck is much more resistant to damage
    • Pressure washing is quick and easy when needed
    • Care is only needed occasionally which allows you to enjoy your pool deck much more often


    Choosing to resurface your concrete saves 3 times as much money as it would cost to completely replace your pool deck. Starting between $3-$5 resurfaced pool decks are worth the investment because:

    • Resurfacing your pool deck can raise property value by 15% or more
    • Due to it’s resistant to damage, resurfaced decks return all of the money you invest in them with little to no maintenance requirements
    • Resurfaced pool decks do not require a lot of labor or material


    When resurfacing your pool deck you have many different options that are all long-lasting and resistant to damage. Our pool deck installations can be expected to last for over two decades when completed by a professional. You can choose from

    • Stamped concrete pool decks
    • Stained concrete pool decks
    • Overlays


    Keeping the ones you hold close to your heart safe is a common want and need so we resurface concrete to be just that. You do not have to worry about the well being of those walking on your pool deck anymore because it can be installed to be:

    • Heat-resistant
    • Slip-resistant
    • Crack-resistant
    Quick & Eco-friendly

    Quick & Eco-friendly

    Resurfacing concrete in a general sense is a much better option for the environment because you are utilizing the materials already present. Resurfacing your pool deck instead of ripping it out and producing more waste is both time-efficient and better for the environment:

    • Pool deck resurfacing is not toxic
    • Pool deck resurfacing can be completed much quicker than completely replacing the surface
    • Pool deck resurfacing requires less machinery and products which means less trash and fumes are being released into the environment.

    Pool Deck Resurfacing Services

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